I'm a freelance digital designer

I specialise in UI and website design

Simple, intuitive design makes for great experiences. An acute consideration of harmonious hierarchy and subtle visual cues help to orientate the user and inspire delight.

Mark Caudell - NMA Top 100 Design Director

"Jack was great to work with. He was able to quickly understand what needed to be achieved and was able to take direction and speedily action feedback whilst asking the right questions at the right time to aid the design progress of the project. I'd happily work with with Jack again."

Jason Burrows - Co-founder of Creation Agency

"Jack is a valued member of team. Not only is he insightful and creative, but he's also incredibly interested in his own development and the development of the wider team in such a dynamic part of our business."

Elvira Zdunczyk - Designer

"Jack and I work together on the rebranding and relaunch of HSBC website. He is one of the most creative minds that I have the pleasure to work with and he delivers excellent results in everything he works on. Jack also has an infectious energy that would light up any room."

Peter Thomas - Designer

"Jack is very forward-thinking, with his mind on the mobile market and certainly has some advanced techniques to his HTML. He acts as a great eye for reviewing design and is keen to spread his knowledge to others."